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An Assessment of SGMA for Municipal Water Suppliers

On September 14, Russell McGlothlin presented to the California League of Cities at the 2018 Annual Conference.  His paper An Assessment of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act for Municipal Water Suppliers can be read in full below. The paper outlines:

  • SGMA’s essential provisions
  • Key issues to resolve for successful implementation including the potential division of available water supplies within a basin
  • A summary of key groundwater rights laws
  • Groundwater basin adjudications and new laws designed to streamline future adjudications and harmonize results with SGMA
  • Strategies for municipal water providers to optimize outcomes, including:
    • The importance of technical assessment of basin conditions
    • Assessment of likely water rights
    • Negotiation and compromise
    • Preparation for litigation if necessary

Assessment of the SGMA for Municipal Water


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League of Cities SGMA Presentation


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