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Cadiz and Glasshouse Farms form SoCal Hemp Co: Potential to become California’s largest vertically integrated commercial hemp operation


As highlighted in the recent article, Cadiz Inc.: First NASDAQ-Listed U.S. Company to Enter Joint Venture to Bring Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products to Market to Meet Growing B2B and B2C Market Demands, the joint venture between Glass House Farms and Cadiz was established to bring hemp and hemp-derived products to market at a commercial scale, and includes plans to increase their current cultivation footprint to sustainably farm up to 9,600 acres of organically sun-grown hemp in San Bernardino County, California.

On the land use side, the Brownstein team is assisting SoCal Hemp Co. in spearheading a pilot research program MOU to cultivate industrial hemp for both natural hemp and hemp-derived products including CBD. With Brownstein’s counsel, the project is potentially able to expand from its current cultivation operations at the Cadiz Ranch to become the largest vertically integrated, commercial hemp operation in the state. Brownstein’s Corporate group served as counsel to Cadiz in establishing the joint venture with Glass House Farms.

Picture: Graham Farrar of Glass House Farms and Scott Slater of Cadiz at the Cadiz Ranch

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