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Public Review Period: Ag Order 4.0 and Draft EIR

UPDATE: In light of COVID-19, the comment period for Ag Order 4.0 has been extended until June 20, 2020. WHAT The public review period is currently open for California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Coast Region’s (Central Coast Water Board) Draft Agricultural Order for Discharges to Irrigated Lands (Ag Order 4.0) and accompanying Draft … Continue Reading »


Demystifying Cannabis Regulations in Santa Barbara County

This article was written by Amy Steinfeld and Jack Ucciferri and originally published by the Santa Barbara County Bar Association Santa Barbara Lawyer magazine on January 6, 2020. Cannabis—whether you support or oppose it, you certainly can’t avoid this topic. But due to the patchwork of local regulations and its status as a Schedule I … Continue Reading »


Cadiz and Glasshouse Farms form SoCal Hemp Co: Potential to become California’s largest vertically integrated commercial hemp operation

  As highlighted in the recent article, Cadiz Inc.: First NASDAQ-Listed U.S. Company to Enter Joint Venture to Bring Hemp and Hemp-Derived Products to Market to Meet Growing B2B and B2C Market Demands, the joint venture between Glass House Farms and Cadiz was established to bring hemp and hemp-derived products to market at a commercial scale, … Continue Reading »


New State Water Board Policy Has Potential to Streamline Water Quality Compliance for Wineries

In a welcome development for wineries, the State Water Resources Control Board has circulated an administrative draft of a general order (“General Order”) aimed at streamlining the often daunting challenge of complying with California’s water quality requirements. Currently, process water that results from a winery’s production and sanitation activities is considered “waste” under the Water … Continue Reading »


Water Policy in CA: Six Key Takeaways from the State Water Board’s New Cannabis Cultivation Policy

This article was written by Amy Steinfeld and originally published by the Cannabis Industry Journal on April 16, 2019.  Cannabis is the most highly regulated crop in California, and the state just added another layer of regulation. This article breaks down the State Water Resources Control Board’s (SWRCB) recently updated Cannabis Cultivation Policy – Principles and Guidelines … Continue Reading »


Sorting Through the Weeds: Legal Cannabis Ushers in a New Era of Water Regulation in California

This article breaks down California’s complex new Cannabis Cultivation Policy into bite-size pieces. It was written by Amy Steinfeld and originally published by The Water Report on March 15, 2019, Issue #181.  No other crop in California is as highly regulated as cannabis. Obtaining a cannabis cultivation license is a herculean task that requires compliance with … Continue Reading »


Seven Steps To Avoid the Green Rush Blues: Investigate Water Supplies Before Planting Cannabis

This article written by Amy Steinfeld was originally published by the Cannabis Industry Journal on December 17, 2018.  A clean, reliable water supply lies at the heart of every successful cannabis farm. It’s no surprise that the stakes for finding land with ideal growing conditions, including adequate water, are high. But new buyers (and lessees) … Continue Reading »


Don’t be left high & dry — consider water supplies before buying property

This article written by Amy Steinfeld and Bradley Herrema was originally published on June 20, 2018 by the First Tuesday Journal. It’s not uncommon for a water lawyer to receive a panicked call from a new property owner after discovering they have insufficient water to support their proposed use of the property… Read the Full Text … Continue Reading »


Bill Revives Previous Proposal to Move Water Rights Jurisdiction from the State Board to Hearing Officers, Authority Includes Cannabis

Author: Bradley Herrema Author: Jessica Diaz                     Last fall, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed AB 313, which would have shifted hearing authority for water right violation matters from the State Water Resources Control Board (“State Water Board”) to administrative law judges (ALJs). In his veto message, Gov. … Continue Reading »


3 Counties, 3 Approaches to Cannabis Crops

This article written by Amy Steinfeld was originally published in the April 20-26, 2018 issue of Pacific Coast Business Times. Legalization of recreational cannabis has shaken up the supply chain. Californians may now grow up to six cannabis plants for personal use without a license. Those lacking a green thumb can purchase recreational cannabis at … Continue Reading »