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Firm News

Upcoming Speaking Engagement – 2017 Fall ACWA Conference – Recycled Water: The Race to Purple Pipes and Beyond

November 29, 2017

Amy Steinfeld will be a panelist speaking on Recycled Water: The Race to Purple Pipes and Beyond at the 2017 Fall ACWA Conference & Exhibition in Anaheim.

In light of state mandates to increase recycled water use and in anticipation of regulation of indirect potable re-use, this panel will educate wastewater treatment facility operators and water providers about the numerous regulatory and environmental requirements associated with new and expanded use of recycled water with an emphasis on strategic planning to enable the most expeditious implementation of recycled water projects. The panel will explore Regional and State Board processing and permitting, changes in water rights, environmental considerations resulting from reduced wastewater discharges to water bodies, and grant funding opportunities.

Amy Steinfeld










Firm News

Upcoming Event: 2017 Groundwater Law Workshop

October 2, 2017, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Sacramento, CA

Brad Herrema and Jena Acos are co-chairing the 2017 Groundwater Law Workshop: Hot Topics and Current Issues Affecting Groundwater Basins Across California. The workshop will include panels and speakers on California groundwater law, including water quality, adjudicated basins, water rights, and SGMA compliance.

Russ McGlothlin will be speaking on Groundwater Law 101.

Other Confirmed Speakers Include:
Esther Conrad, Stanford Law School’s Gould Center for Conflict Resolution
Trevor Joseph, California Department of Water Resources
Dave Ceppos, Center for Collaborative Policy
Laurel Firestone, Community Water Center
Sandi Matsumoto, The Nature Conservancy
Peter Kavounas, Chino Basin Watermaster
Valerie Kincaid, O’Laughlin & Paris, LLP
Tom Bunn, Lagerlof, Senecal, Gosney & Kruse, LLP
Rod Walston, Best Best & Krieger

Register Here

Jena Shoaf Acos

Bradley Herrema

Russell McGlothlin











For additional conference information, please contact Sarah Kline at (916-446-3626)

Firm News

Upcoming Events – California H20 Women Conference – January

January 27-28, 2017

Stephanie Osler Hastings and Amy Steinfeld are hosting the California H20 Women Conference.  This unique, women-only event will include a day-long conference addressing key water topics: the future of imported water, the duty to invest in water infrastructure for future generations, implementation of sustainable groundwater management, and the role of communication in advancing water policy. It will showcase leading women professionals, their work and contributions to advance the water industry. An optional wine tour featuring women winemakers from Santa Barbara County follows on the next day.

Message from Conference Co-Chairs Stephanie Hastings and Amy Steinfeld

For several years now, we’ve been watching with great interest at the explosion of women throughout the ranks of the water industry, but especially in the most senior positions of water policy and business.  More than ever, an increasing number of powerful women are making waves in this historically male-dominated industry.

Thus, we believe that it is time to establish a formal opportunity for women leaders in the water industry to collaborate, coordinate, educate and support each other.  Our conference will bring together women leaders from diverse sectors of the California water industry.  Our concept – California H20 Women Conference – will be the first (and we believe only) event of its kind, empowering women to change the way we manage California’s and the world’s most important resource.

Stephanie Hastings












Amy Steinfeld















Firm News

Upcoming Speaking Engagements – January

January 24, 2017

Jessica Diaz, Elisabeth Esposito and Jena Acos will be speaking at the National Business Institute’s Water Rights in California Seminars in Fresno and Bakersfield, Calif.


  • Elisabeth Esposito on Water Rights Evaluations
  • Jessica Diaz on Handling the Application, Lease, Transfer and Sale of Water Rights
  • Jena Acos on Handling Water Rights Disputes: Adjudication Procedures and Litigation Tips

Click here for further details on the Fresno event and here for the Bakersfield event.


Jessica Diaz













Elisabeth Esposito












Jena Shoaf Acos














Firm News

Upcoming Speaking Engagements and Events – November

November 10, 2016

Jena Shoaf Acos and Elisabeth L. Esposito will be presenting California Water Law MCLE for the Santa Barbara Barristers.  This focused legal program provides an overview of California water law, including an explanation of the state’s dual water rights system (i.e., riparian and appropriative rights) and recent groundwater legislation. The presentation will also include practical tools to tackle water law cases and legal strategies for protecting water rights and use.

November 16, 2016

Dylan K. Johnson will be presenting on Law of Wineries: An Overview of Land Use Issues for the Real Property Section of the Santa Barbara County Bar Association. Dylan will address Santa Barbara County’s draft winery ordinance, enforcement issues, water supply, and due diligence issues concerning owning and operating wineries.







Firm News

Upcoming Speaking Engagements and Events – October

October 5, 2016

Bradley Herrema will speak at the GRA Southern California Branch and Inland Geological Society (IGS) joint meeting in Riverside. The Sustainable Groundwater Management event will address how Southern California agencies in several different groundwater basins are working towards complying with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA).

Click here for further details and to RSVP.

Bradley Herrema













Firm News

Upcoming Speaking Engagements and Events – September

Sept. 15, 2016

Amy Steinfeld will speak at the Hydrology and the Law Seminar in Santa Monica.

Amy Steinfeld








Firm News

Upcoming Speaking Engagements and Events

June 14, 2016

On June 14, Ryan Waterman will be a featured speaker at the State Bar of California’s “Sea Level Rise in San Diego: Managing a Changing Coast.” 

Ryan Waterman




June 6, 2016

Russell McGlothlin will present updates on groundwater rights and adjudication processes at Law Seminar International’s Sustainable Groundwater in California: The Mechanics and Implications of the SGMA on Water Resources, Land Use, Municipal and Agricultural Water Use.   

Russell McGlothlin




May 14, 2016

Stephanie Hastings presented at California Building Industry Association’s 50th Select Conference on Industry Litigation (SCIL) in San Diego, CA. 

Stephanie Hastings




May 5, 2016

Brownstein’s Water Group hosted their bi-annual pre-ACWA reception to 120 guests at Montrio Bistro in Monterey, CA. 


April 26, 2016

On April 26th, Amy Steinfeld moderated a panel on “SGMA Battle Lines” at the American Ground Water Trust’s Groundwater Law Conference in Los Angeles, CA.  

Amy Steinfeld




March 26, 2016

Russell McGlothlin presented water rights and SGMA to the Almond Board of CA Leadership Program on March 26. 

Russell McGlothlin




Firm News

June: Speaking Engagements

June 2, 2015

Russ McGlothlin will speak at the Groundwater Resources Association of California’s Groundwater Sustainability Agency Formation: Solid Steps Forward for Boundary Determination, Legal Agreements and Public Participation in Sacramento. 

Russell McGlothlin




June 15, 2015

Amy Steinfeld will speak at Argent Communications Group’s San Francisco 2015 California Water Law & Policy MCLE Conference; Water Supply, Regulation, and Policy in a Time of Ongoing Scarcity.

Amy Steinfeld





Firm News

AGWA-AGWT Annual Conference

The American Ground Water Trust (AGWT) – Association of Ground Water Agencies (AGWA) in cooperation with Ground Water Association and California Ground Water Coalition will hold it’s Annual Conference on February 9, 2015

Brad Herrema will speak on the “Legal Framework of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.”

Register to attend at AGWA-AGWT.

Brad Herrema