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Sea Level Rise & Wastewater Infrastructure: Current California Guidance and Strategies

This article addresses the impact of sea level rise to coastal wastewater infrastructure, existing guidance, as well as the need for integrated management efforts to meet the challenges ahead. It was written by Kimberly Leefatt and originally published by The Water Report on July 15, 2019, Issue #185.  As with most climate change initiatives, California is … Continue Reading »


Understanding Your Club’s Water Supply

This article written by Bradley Herrema was originally published in the Summer 2018 issue of the National Club Association‘s Club Director.  Click through to read the full article »  Author: Bradley Herrema


California Declaration That Watersheds Are Integral Components of State’s Water Infrastructure Unlocks New Funding Sources for Forest Restoration

              Author: Elisabeth Esposito Editor: Ryan Waterman The role of California’s forests in protecting and enhancing the state’s water supply for both drinking water and irrigated agriculture is in the spotlight, and with good reason—more than 60 percent of California’s developed water supply originates in the Sierra Nevada, before serving … Continue Reading »


A New Tool for Developing and Financing Public and Private Infrastructure: Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts

Even as the state’s economy continues to improve, local governments continue to struggle to find ways to meet the state’s backlog of infrastructure needs, including water, transportation, energy, affordable housing and more. Inadequate state funding and the demise of federal funding and state redevelopment funding have exacerbated the situation. At the same time, as a … Continue Reading »