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Upcoming Events – California H2O Women Conference – January

January 27-28, 2017

Stephanie Osler Hastings and Amy Steinfeld are hosting the California H2O Women Conference.  This unique, women-only event will include a day-long conference addressing key water topics: the future of imported water, the duty to invest in water infrastructure for future generations, implementation of sustainable groundwater management, and the role of communication in advancing water policy. It will showcase leading women professionals, their work and contributions to advance the water industry. An optional wine tour featuring women winemakers from Santa Barbara County follows on the next day.

Message from Conference Co-Chairs Stephanie Hastings and Amy Steinfeld

For several years now, we’ve been watching with great interest at the explosion of women throughout the ranks of the water industry, but especially in the most senior positions of water policy and business.  More than ever, an increasing number of powerful women are making waves in this historically male-dominated industry.

Thus, we believe that it is time to establish a formal opportunity for women leaders in the water industry to collaborate, coordinate, educate and support each other.  Our conference will bring together women leaders from diverse sectors of the California water industry.  Our concept – California H20 Women Conference – will be the first (and we believe only) event of its kind, empowering women to change the way we manage California’s and the world’s most important resource.

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